Behind Inner Potential Coaching…
… is me and my story. My name is Aleksandra, I’m a Psychologist, Coach and founder of Inner Potential Coaching.

I spent 8 amazing and busy years in London where I studied (Bsc Hons) Psychology at Middlesex University and (MSc) Health Psychology at University of Westminster. During this time I was taking part in various coaching workshops and events to discover how I could put my knowledge into practice. It was at this point I realised that cognitive-behavioural coaching was linking everything that I loved about psychology so I decided to work hard towards making coaching my dream career path. I qualified as a Coach at the Centre for Coaching in London.

Coaching is not just a job to me. I truly enjoy working with people and helping them to discover their inner potential. It’s empowering to watch others setting goals, facing obstacles and working consistently towards achieving their dream outcomes. It also feels good to know that I played a role in their journey.

Outside work, I am a happy wife and mum. I have a little boy and also a 2 year old Weimaraner who’s like my second child. However, my path to parenthood wasn’t easy. This is when looked into fertility coaching (which worked for me!) and decided to help other women boost their fertility.

I have over 8 years of experience working with individuals who wanted to change their life, take charge of their emotions and get rid of unhelpful habits, I also worked for over 2 years with organisations who needed a business coach to introduce a new approach to management and also help their teams to grow.

Inner Potential Coaching

Helping You Design A More Exciting And Meaningful Future

My specializations



1:1 coaching is a powerful tool not only for those with personal desires and dreams but also for people who have professional, career-related goals.



Improved performance, higher motivation, better engagement, enhanced leadership, greater wellbeing – these are only a few benefits of workplace coaching. I can design a programme that will fit in your organisational strategy or your own agenda.



My bespoke program is based on mind& body techniques that can boost your fertility. It’s also designed to help you deal with the emotional effects of your journey, so you feel happier and emotionally stronger whilst trying to conceive.