Fertility Coaching

I can help you to manage your emotions, boost fertility and take charge of your fertility journey.

Fertility coaching has two aims:

  • Reducing the negative impact infertility is having on you and your life.
  • Enhancing your body’s natural fertility using mind-body techniques (i.e. we can direct strategies at improving sperm quality, impacting egg health or reducing symptoms of PCOS).

Fertility coaching can be also very helpful to women who are thinking of getting pregnant but are scared of giving birth or being a mum. In other words, it can help to manage your doubts and worries and prepare you for the journey.

During my bespoke fertility coaching programme you will:

  • Fully understand your fertility limiting blocks,
  • Learn coaching strategies such as “thinking errors” that help to transform your toxic thoughts and be more in control of your fertility journey,
  • Master visualization and mindfulness techniques that will be chosen based on your personal assessment (so we know what to tackle!),
  • Find out how to properly use affirmations and make them work for you,
  • Create a lasting positive mindset that will not only increase your chances of getting pregnant but also help you deal with everyday stresses.
  • Have someone to motivate you and keep you going (me!)

Don’t wait, book your free consultation now to see if fertility coaching is for you

You might be wondering where’s my interest in fertility coaching coming from. You see, I also struggled to conceive my baby. Two years ago I looked into coaching- and mindfulness-based strategies that could boost my fertility as I didn’t get pregnant as fast as I wanted (surprise!) even though my husband and I were in great health. Turned out I need to slow down, destress and alter my mindset. Pretty much I became my own coaching client!

I am now motivated to help other women boost their fertility. While I can’t guarantee that this program will make you pregnant, I can promise you that your life will significantly change and you will feel like a 2.0 version of yourself with a refreshed mindset and a new range of skills.