I help people excel: in life and business. I can help you address the areas in your life that just aren’t working, better define your goals and help you accomplish things you may have never thought possible.
Stop being stuck, build the belief and unleash your inner potential.

Do not sit around waiting for things to come to you. Fight for what you want, take responsibility for yourself.

Michel Tanus

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Here’s what I can help you with:



1:1 coaching is a powerful tool not only for those with personal desires and dreams but also for people who have professional, career-related goals.



Improved performance, higher motivation, better engagement, enhanced leadership, greater wellbeing – these are only a few benefits of workplace coaching. I can design a programme that will fit in your organisational strategy or your own agenda.



My bespoke program is based on mind& body techniques that can boost your fertility. It’s also designed to help you deal with the emotional effects of your journey, so you feel happier and emotionally stronger whilst trying to conceive.